Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air? Dayton Ohio

So your air conditioning is blowing warm air it’s not getting cold. The air coming out of the vents is warm and not getting any cooler. One of the biggest reasons that this happens is that you could have a frozen coil. This happens when condensation on the coil collects and instead of evaporating, it freezes and blocks the flow of air through the coil.

Many homeowners tend to put the A/C on a low setting on the hottest days of the summer, when in fact, you should raise your thermostat to a setting around 73-75 in order to help your cooling unit maintain the temperature in the home without overworking it.

So your unit is blowing warm air and you think it’s frozen. Now what? First, turn the unit off and all it to thaw. This could take an hour or two. At the end of an hour, set the thermostat to around 74 on “Cool” and see if your air is working. If it’s not, then you probably need a professional.

There are a variety of other issues that could be causing your air not to work like:

Frozen A/C unit
Blown breakers
Air Filters
Low Freon levels
Bad compressor

It could be one of many things, that is why you need a professional like Cowboy’s Heating and Air when your ac unit in Dayton Ohio is blowing warm air. Give us a call today!